arax have a proven track record of creating practical yet innovative solutions for many diverse market sectors. We achieve this by working with, and encouraging our clients to generate strategic context for their needs before executing any solution, this is the key to practical solution advancement.

Using our simple but effective working models, we are able to develop a blueprint of how our clients need to change their technology or working practices to best serve their strategic aspirations.

We will identify an organisation’s strengths and weaknesses, and how its structures and culture may be supporting or hindering its aspirations for the future.

We are then able to develop the most effective solution and proposal to ensure that our client’s goals are achieved. If required, we are able to develop business cases and provide negotiating know-how to attain funding from stakeholders and thereafter manage the agreed deliverables through to realisation and completion.

Throughout the past 15 years Sarax have been responsible for many game-changing strategies and solutions that have been embedded at the heart of key organisations. As we are not commercially tied into any products or companies, we are able to give the best impartial product advice and develop bespoke solutions for our clients.

Each of our subject matter experts has a track record in solution development and experience in both the private sector and the public sector, including various Police and security agencies. We have security clearance to appropriate levels, enabling us to deliver solutions through to MOD and Government level.